Latest Revised Review for The Avenir River Valley

The brand new housing development in the middle of Singapore’s stunning river valley neighborhood is popular by the name of the Avenir. This property belongs to the joint owners which GuocoLand, Intrepid Investments, and Hong Realty. The property was sold for $980 million through an enbloc of Pacific Mansions. This had been logged as the highest sales in this decade. Avenir River Valley housing development which is set in the Robertson Quay enclave, equipped with 376 posh units and comprise of 36 storey building which occupies an area of 118,723 square foot site.


Attributes of the Avenir


There are different features provided by this condo development. Following is a brief description of some of them.




This housing development is situated in an area that is just a short distance from both Orchard Road and Somerset. One can also reach Singapore’s downtown core with just a short drive from the development. This freehold development is the most premium and topmost piece of the Singaporean real estate. It is one of the best and attractive investment for people. The location is also beneficial for the investors as the value of the area around never depreciates much.


Being in the core central region, District 09 still remains an area equipped with better commuting options. The quick access to transportation makes it very preferable for the people. One of the main concerns for people is to save their time and this place provides a perfect lifestyle which complements the living standard of people. The neighborhood of this housing development is equipped with a well-established shopping and lifestyle. The other area provides premium dining, theatre and gallery options.




The Avenir is located in the center of the river valley which is one of the best areas of Singapore. This condo development is surrounded by two new MRT lines which increases the connectivity of the area to the other area of Singapore. The neighborhood places of this development are readily evolving. Some places keep on transforming. We can expect massive transformation from the Kim Seng region to Outram.




The neighborhood places of this housing development provide a par level of lifestyle which gives an ample possibility to attain the best in class wine, dine, and catch plays or art shows. The tranquil and evolved feeling you get while roaming in the area will truly mesmerize you. The availability of different facilities can make the Avenir a good alternative for those who want to attain all around facilities.




The residents can enjoy the availability of numerous transportation. Residents can acquire any mode of commute whether it is to walk, jog, cycle, drive or cruise on the river. The vivid availability of all the accessibility option makes this housing development more popular.


With these features, Avenir is one of the best condo development in the heart of Singapore. The attributes which provide top of the class facilities in all aspects makes it very popular. Apart from that the valuation of the property always going to rise which is an added advantage to the people opting the Avenir for their housing alternative.