Small Businesses Suffer as China Virus Shuts Communities

As the world stands on the brink of nuclear war, global health organizations and the medical industry are doing all they can to find a cure for the Chinese, Small Businesses Suffer as China Virus Shuts Communities to Death. Dr. Craig Morris, former Director of Global Health at The Wellcome Trust Research Foundation (described as “a global health think tank” by CNN), points out that China is developing a vaccine to deal with the Asian strain of the disease. He points out that small businesses may be affected negatively in the United States, but it will not hurt the developing countries too much. Of course, he doesn’t mention that in Asia, many populations have already had access to this vaccine and have been treated and cured and that large corporations will still thrive.

In his article titled, “Crazy Town: China Wants to Cure All Humans, Why Not Our Small Businesses?” Dr. Morris admits that there are many problems with the virus and some of them are as simple as a misunderstanding. That is why he does not want people to take him seriously because of his continued suggestion that governments, large corporations, and science organizations in the United States should simply quarantine all Asians.

Knowing the mortality rates

He ignores the reality that those in power refuse to acknowledge the reality of what we face and ignore the problem at hand. It’s funny because Dr. Morris did a study about mortality rates and the statistics he found were shocking. For instance, the number of women who died during childbirth was one hundred times greater than in other industrialized nations.

Yes, they are wealthy, but they do not look at the fact that they are subjecting themselves to such risk simply because their culture believes that they should die during childbirth. When the government sends its doctors and other researchers to different countries and then sends aid and attention to those suffering, it’s understandable that people do not want to come to America.

As mentioned, Dr. Morris tells small businesses to ignore all that he is saying. They should move all their operations to other countries with no thought or consideration given to their employees. The healthcare system here has a shortage of nurses that go into these areas to provide assistance while sending aid and medicine to those who do not want it and cannot care for themselves.

Curing the situation

What small businesses must understand is that they are going to suffer no matter what they do. Their shareholders will lose money and their customers will lose their businesses. A vaccine is not going to cure this situation.

What Dr. Morris wants is for government, corporations, and media to treat China and all Asians the same and go in and quarantine them, saying, “These are dangerous people and we want to protect ourselves.” Of course, when they do that, small businesses will suffer and will be forced to close, shutting down a business and creating a huge loss of income.

The most important thing that small businesses must understand is that they have rights here. They should say nothing to anyone, and just let it all go. After all, if they do, they are part of the problem.